Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here we Go Take 2

Ok, I'll do better, I promise!! Summer hit and WOW! We have been crazy busy with Church Camp!! My kids would LIVE there but I don't think I could hang!! We went down for Kids Camp the first week and Greyson and Conner were campers. I had to come home a little early because I started having contractions. I seriously thought Miss Mayah was trying to make her entrance! After LOTS of water and a couple days of bedrest (which is close to impossible with 4 kids) things settled down and I feel tons better. I went down for one day of Senior Camp but the boys weren't feeling well and this week Kelcie is a big "Junior Camper" so Greyson, Carrson and I will be joining Daddy, Conner and Kelcie on Wednesday. Thursday Daddy turns the big 39 and on Friday we are going to spend the day at Silver Dollar City with some great friends. I can't wait to go back after Mayah is born so that I can actually ride something other than the train!!

Everything on the adoption front is SLOW!! I am getting ready to kickstart some serious fundraising. I believe God has called us to do this and as a very wise person said "God funds what He favors" so I am trusting that He is going to provide every penny we need to bring Ella home to us.

The kids are getting so big and Carrson at 20 months is definitely the ruler of the house! He is quite hilarious and all the big kids do whatever he wants them to do! He's not going to know what has hit him when Mayah comes. Which by the way is in 11 more weeks!! AHHH!!
Hope everyone's summer is off to a fantastic start!!!
Be blessed!
Nothing is wrong with Kelcie, she's a "tween" so she always looks like that! :)

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  1. Hey Tracie! Nice blog! I'm with you. Trying to get my blog started but just finding the time! I'll miss seeing you at school next year but you will be having so much fun with your babies!! Keep at it.