Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby news!!!!

So I have to say of all the pregnancies I've had (6 to be exact) this one has been the hardest!! Maybe it's because I'm 34 or that I'm chasing a toddler and running three big kids all over the place. Or it could be that it's only been a bazillion degrees every single day this summer. But it has definitely not the wonderful makes my face glow pregnancy! But I will tell you today there is an end in sight!! On September 6,( my grandma elaine's bday) Mayah Grace Ward will be making her debut! I'm so excited I can't stand it!! I will post pics ASAP!!

Soccer season is in the air! We met conners new coach tonight and we really like them. Mel is team has merged with another and we meet them Monday. Grey had practice tonight and they are all ready to go! I love that they have something that they like and are good at. The kids also have completed their first week of school. They all love it and im so glad. I'm enjoying being at home with Carrson. He likes to play and I am his playmate while the kids are at school!

So all is well at the Circus and I hope it is at yours as well!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Auction starts tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited about our auction that starts tomorrow on the Hope Happens Adoption page on Facebook!! Jenny from jaleigh bean boutique has outdone herself! I owe her big for all of the help she has given me. There are some really cute items and I'm so thankful to all of the vendors and people that have stepped up for this. I have asked God for $10,000 this week to cover most of the remaining expenses of this adoption. I know it's a big request but I know my God is bigger and He has a plan for this baby! There have been many many times that we have thought about just walking away due to the extreme expense of all of this but He comes through every time! I believe this is our baby and that she is supposed to be in our family. I spoke with our birth mom, "J" again on Thursday. Each time she reveals a little more about herself and the extreme pain that she has had in her life. She spoke of the one child that she did parent. She shared custody of him and one day they came to get him for their visit and he was never returned to her. She hasn't seen him in over 4 years. She has dealt with the loss of her parents, rape, being homeless...all of these things I can't even fathom. That is why I can't walk away and I will do whatever I have to do to get the rest of the money to bring this baby home in December. I am so thankful to everyone that has given, shared our blog and prayed for us on this journey. Some of you I have never met yet our hearts are joined together by one cause and that is the plight of the orphan. God truly does set the lonely in families!

One last thing and that is a big congratulations to my dear friend Ashley and Jeremiah at www.smithfamilylowdown.blogspot.com on the recent referral of their little girl that waits for them in Ethiopia! Check out their journey of love fundraiser to help with the airline tickets to Ethiopia. They have waited a long time for her!!

Thanks agin!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I saw someone post today that they saw two trees fighting over a dog!! It is seriously THAT HOT!! I believe I heard 118 in Owasso today. HOLY COW!! This year we have gone from 27 inches of snow to this!! I am so thankful for my house that is 73 degrees!! I did feel about 7 raindrops today. It got my hopes for a little bit but then it was over!!

I went to the Dr yesterday to check on Miss Mayah Grace and she is doing wonderful!! We plan on seeing her sweet little face in about 5 weeks! I can't wait! Our little unexpected surprise. I am really anxious to see how Carrson reacts to her. I think that his umbilicle cord grew back this summer because he and I are inseparatable! There are moments when I think "I just need a break" but then when I'm rocking him and he's all relaxed in my arms I realize I am the most blessed woman on earth!

We have been overwhelmed with support for this adoption. People are amazing. A special shout out to Jenny at Jaleigh Bean bowtique!! Check her out on facebook, her stuff is AMAZING!! She and I have never met but are becoming fast friends!! She has basically taken charge of the auction that we are putting together on the Hope Happens Adoption Page! (Make sure and LIKE it if you haven't already) We are planning on starting the auction on the 14th and there are some neat neat things over there!! Tell everyone you know!! We are also still taking partners in Partnership 190!! Anything we make over our goal, we plan on "paying it forward" to a very special family that is adopting as well.  I also have really big plans for Hope Happens! I can't wait until God reveals it all to me and I can let you in on it!!

Well I hope everyone has a great night!! We have a crazy busy weekend ahead but this is the life!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!!