Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 11, 2015

2015 really IS the year of the Haitian Baby!!!!

Since 2012 we have said "This is the year of the Haitian baby" meaning that this would be the year we would bring London and Sam home from Haiti. Some of those years it was speaking out of PURE FAITH, but now, 2015, we can say with assurance that this IS the year of the Haitian baby!!! We know that ANYTHING can happen in Haiti but our file has been submitted to the US Embassy in Haiti for final review. There is absolutely nothing else that we have to do except sit back, wait, and pray for the final approval and issue of the visas. Our agency estimates 8 weeks but is hoping to shave a week or two off of that. When you have waited as long as we have, this doesn't seem hard at all! When we get to FaceTime with the kids they always ask "when are you coming?" It is so exciting to know that we won't have to leave them there again. That when we go back, they will come back with us!!! SURREAL!!!
We have had so many people sacrificially give to us on this journey. We are so thankful. It is so amazing that God uses His people to fund what He favors. We have estimated that by the time we travel we will have spent almost $60,000 on this adoption. Trust me, we did not have that kind of money but God did. We are down to owing $2000 to our agency, $1800 care fees for London and Sam (estimated at $600 per month) and flights (two roundtrip and two oneway) and Kelcie and Greyson will be doing some fundraising for their flights because they REALLY want to go with us. Let me say that we are exhausted from the fundraising. It is our least favorite thing to do! But God is faithful and we are almost there. 

Our #adoption shirts were a HUGE success!! We sold around 160 shirts and so many people that ordered one, reordered because of the quality of the shirt! We had people ask if we could get more colors and so we decided to go for it and see what God does!!!  We are doing preorders on these shirts. You can order through the link to the Right and just let us know in the comments what size and color you would like! We are adding youth sizes this time as well!!! We will have sizes youth small through adult 3XL. Please add $2 for 2XL and 3XL, and we can ship the shirts for $5. Please share  through your social media because we have learned that is the key to success!!! We cannot thank you enough! We love you all and can't wait to introduce London and Sam to all of you!! They are going to steal your hearts just like they have ours!!!


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