Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 17, 2012

We are still here!!!!

So, I'm blaming my lack of blogging on my home computer that will not cooperate with blogger, being insanely busy with 5 kids, soccer, working full time, church life, adopting two children from another country, blah blah blah....Let's just blame blogger. I am HOPEFULLY going to be able to post some pictures of London and Samuel tonight. They are so stinkin cute. It should seriously be illegal how cute they are.  Paperwork is moving along in Haiti and we are praying that we will be on the Presidents Desk in October. Please pray that we have favor and that he signs it upon arrival. Some people have waited months for him to sign and well, I don't want to wait months for him to sign. I want to get this thing moving and have my babies home in the Spring. They need to be home. We need them home. 

The other members of the tribe are doing fabulous. Kelcie is my beautiful 7th Grader this year. I seriously cannot believe how grown up she is. She's amazing. She wants to be a missionary and shes an awesome athlete. I love her heart.

Greyson started 5th grade. He is still my naive little soul that  has a huge heart. He is an amazing soccer player. He and his best friend are playing on a competitive league this year and they are total studs. These skills must come from me :).

Conner... Oh my.. My sweet little 8 year old that was always so quite and so good has arrived in 3rd grade. The year where being "obnoxious" is cool. Oye... I hope we survive. He's playing soccer again. Loves it. Scores multiple times every game. He's so fun to watch.

Carrson is almost 3. He loves Mayah more than anything. He's completely out of diapers (Can I get a halleluyer???) and is so much fun. He tells us everyday that he has a girlfriend and his famous quote is "People don't do that". This usually comes when we ask him to do something he doesn't want to do. 

Sweet Mayah Grace..Oh my word. Is it possible to love someone SO SO much?? She is perfect!! She just turned 1 last week. Has no interest in walking. I mean, why would she?? She points. We carry. She is holding her own bottle/cup now. Thats huge, people. She is a DIVA in the making. I have put so many tutus on her that she goes completely stiff when she sees one thinking that I won't make her wear it. But oh is she wrong....

So, there is a little tidbit into our crazy blessed life!! I wouldn't have it any.other.way...
We have some AWESOME new shirts and some super cute Haitian made bracelets. You should hurry on over to www.facebook.com/hopehappens.adoption and get some. They are seriously the greatest adoption tshirts ever and you don't want to be the ONLY one without one!! We are also doing a big Night of Praise and Adoption Awareness night on Nov. 2 at the amazing Woodlake Assembly in Tulsa. You won't want to miss it, I promise!! Until next time!! xoxo

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