Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Church Camp Frenzy and a Timeline...hopefully

Happy Summer!! I'm posting from the amazing Thea Aut La Springs Campground where we are on week 2 of such an amazing church camp!! My kids are having a total blast and the company is great too!! My kids would live here if we would let them! I'm not sure I have ever seen Carrson so dirty from playing outside all day! Next week is our last one and we will head home to enjoy the rest of summer!! I'm going back to teaching at the 8th Grade Center this next year so I"m hoping to get lots of family time in before we head back to school and work!

We got a bit of an update on our adoption of London and Samuel. We are currently in IBESR and after this phase we will go to the Presidents desk for a signature. We are expected to make it to his desk by November/December. I'm of course praying that he signs immediately but some people have been known to wait 1-8 months for a signature.  Our prayer is that he signs within a month and then hopefully travel to pick them up in February/March. Please pray with us that this is the case! I know that God is in control and at his appointed time we will get them. Its just so hard to wait!! I"m ready to get them home and let them adjust to being the newest members of our circus! We've got some cool fundraisers coming up like Haiti inspired Christmas ornaments, an auction, and Nights of Praise! So make sure and check out www.facebook.com/hopehappens.adoption for updates!!
 We love you all and thank you so much for your support in this journey!!


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