Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Summer!!

It is officially Summer in South Carolina..... Ok its been summer for a while now, I'm just now getting around to blogging!! Things have been in FULL SPEED for our circus!!
 LOTS of visits to the BEACH!!!
A visit from Nana and Papa along with Uncle David and Cousin Ben coming to hang out!
Big kids involved in an awesome intern program at the church where they are getting to serve at some really cool places!
Littles enjoying Mom's Morning Out!
Mom enjoying the Littles enjoying Mom's Morning out!
Con-man going to church camp!
Tubing the Cooper River and seeing lots of GATORS!!
Watching Kelly dive off the tube in the Cooper River!
A visit from my very special Owasso friends and Lots of site seeing!!
An upcoming visit to Arkansas and Oklahoma!
An upcoming visit from some of our most favorite Oklahomans!! (the Howell's YAY!!!)

So things have been super busy and fun lately but we are enjoying every minute together! Counting down the time until our two Haiti babies can join our family and just loving our life! Please continue to pray for our adoption! Although things are moving a little slower right now than we want we know things are moving and our kids are coming home! Please pray that God will prepare their hearts to join our family. They are leaving everything they have ever known and I know that will be hard and take some adjustment. We always look forward to our monthly Skype dates and listening to them sing "Head Shoulders Knees and toes" to us!

Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying each day with your family!!

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