Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 6, 2015

Transitions and Updates!!

"There's No Place Like Home" is a pretty funny thing for me to say to anyone that knows me. You see, I am terrified of the movie The Wizard of Oz. Yes I know its a classic and yes I know I'm 38 years old and yes I know that flying monkeys are not real... Nonetheless, I don't watch the movie. At all. My kids find it hilarious actually. So imagine my reaction when God called us to move to Kansas. Really. Like yellow brick road Kansas. My only experience of Kansas was traveling to towns where there really wasn't anything. And while I love rural America and envision myself with a farm, pretty much any type of miniature livestock animal I can think of and those super cool chickens that look like fraggles, I really need to be close to "town". But what is so amazing about God's calling is that He places you where you need to be and you absolutely LOVE it. That's how I feel about Kansas. So the whole "there's no place like home" I totally get now!

In December, Kelly had the honor of becoming the lead pastor at Generations Church! Its amazing and we love it so much. Everyone has been so welcoming our our brood and after just a couple of months it truly feels like home. I have never adjusted so quickly to a new place. Those of you that know me, realize how much of a feet this is! :) Its such a good feeling to know that we are rooted and planted and this is our forever home. We have a great house and the kids are loving school! In January, we got the news from Haiti that we had been waiting over two years to hear. Our file had finally been released from IBESR and approved to move forward. We were able to travel there and visit London and Sam and file some very important papers that will help in getting them home soon. We just have a couple of more steps to go and will be able to go to Haiti and actually bring them back with us! We are so excited and London and Sam are excited too!! They have gotten so big and are so smart. We had a great time with them.

So there is a bit of an update on this crew. Thanks so much for your support and prayers in this very long journey. Even though its been one of the hardest things I have every gone through I am so thankful that God has allowed us to walk this road. We have seen His hand every step of the way and when London and Sam step off that plane in the great USA we can say "God did this" and He gets all the glory for that!!!

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