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Our Family

Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Partnership 190 Team" 10 Day Challenge

An incredible friend of ours is launching a campaign to help bring our baby home and I can't wait to tell you about it! I pray that you will continue to see our vision that this is more to us than just "adopting a baby" but an opportunity for us to live out our pro-life views and to fulfill a God given dream!!

"Many people say they are pro-life because they take a stand against abortion. But what do we do with the babies whose lives are saved once they are born? If we will dare but partner with God to save the lives of the pre-born, then let's take it to the next level and help give that child a home! If an impoverished homeless woman who many would counsel to have an abortion will refuse to abort and out of love give that child a chance at a life better than she had by offering it for adoption, how can we as God's people not lock arms and partner together and find that child a family and a home. Now that's what I call...Pro-Life!!"

                                         "Save a Life! Give a Home!"
The Kelly Ward family has already been approved to be an adoptive family. Kelly, a minister and Tracie, a school teacher, and their children are excited to add to their family and give this child a home. The total cost of the adoption (legal fees housing, medical for birthmother until birth, prenatal medical care) is $38,000. Good News!! A party has provided matching funds for 1/2 the cost ($19,000) if the Ward's can come up with the other half ($19,000) in the next 10 days. 

Here are ways you can partner with others on FaceBook and across AMerica to save a life and give this child a home.  Here is how to join and start a "Partnership 190 Team":

Partnership 190 Team-10 Day Challenge
*If 190 people would partner in the next 10 days and give $100, the cost would be covered!
*If someone did not have $100 they could challenge 4 friends to match their $20, collect the money and forward the combined amount. 
*Media Blast!! 
    *Re-post this to your Facebook and personally challenge 10 Facebook friends to re-post this story to their Facebook.
     *Challenge 5 friends to start a "Partnership 190 Team" by individually giving $100 or finding 4 friends to join them. Set a target date to meet back for celebration and donation!!
      *Challenge your Pastor by asking him if he is pro-life, then tell him the "Save a Life! Give a Home" story. Ask if either the pastor or yourself could share the story and receive a $250  minimum offering to be given.  IF 30 pastors and congregation would partner together, that would be a combined $7,500!
      *Print the "Save a Life! Give a Home! story and challenge. If 20 children's pastors or church nursery directors each became a "Partnership 190 Team", each raising only $100, $2,000 would be raised by target date! Double dog dare the kids!!

Start Date: NOW!! (Approach your Pastor, Children's Pastor, Nursery Director, ASAP!)
Target Date: August 3, 2011 Midnight, Online PayPal, or Postmarked by Post Office
Donate How: Pay Pal account on www.wardfamilycircus.blogspot.com or Mail a check to: 8820 North 127 East Ave; Owasso, OK 74055 (checks payable to Tracie Ward, they will then be sent to matching funds party)
Updates: Update will be provided during the 10-Day Challenge via Ward family blog.
"Together let's build 190 "Partnership 190 Teams", save a life, and give this child a home!
James 1:27-Let's Do it!!

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