Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Praying for a Miracle...

So today, we are praying for a miracle. And I am going to humbly ask all of you to be a part of it. Yesterday I got a phone call that we have been matched with a birthmom. We have waited for so long to hear this so you can imagine the excitement in our house yesterday!! The baby is due in December to a mom with a really sad story. One I have seen so many times from the years that we spent working in the inner city. She is 24 years old and was adopted as a child. When she was 10 her adoptive parents died. After that she was passed around to family members. Feeling, I'm sure, rejected again. She has dealt with issues because of that, but is absolutely amazing to talk to. When she contacted the attorney about placing her baby, they found her living in a tent. Homeless. Pregnant.

When I got the info from the lawyer and it told me how much we needed to send to them by NEXT WEEK my heart sank. Fear and doubt. The expenses are a lot higher than we had prepared for because of her situation. They are helping her get a place to live until the baby is born and help in other areas. This is where I am asking God for a miracle. One I have seen before. This is also where I am asking for your help. We started selling tshirts last week for a fundraiser. We need to sell an outrageous amount of tshirts in the next couple of days. One that to some people will look impossible, but to me it looks like a way to bring my baby home. The baby that we have prayed for. They baby that could have been aborted but instead has a chance at LIFE with a family that will share the love of Jesus with them. They will have the chance to grow up in a home where we live out ministry everyday.  We need to sell 1784 shirts this week. 1784. Do I have that many shirts here? no. Will I order that many shirts? yes. Do I believe it will happen? YES. God has a heart for orphans. It is all through His Word.

There is a paypal button on the sidebar of this blog. I am begging you to consider buying a shirt. You know people that I do not know so I also ask you to share this with them so they can buy a shirt. Some people may not want a shirt but may just want to sow into this child's life. That is perfectly acceptable as well.

I can't thank you enough for your help. I can promise that if you help us just get this child home, we will invest the rest of our lives into this child. We will pour everything that we possibly have into them.
Thank you! And I can't wait for this miracle to unfold right before your eyes!

God is Great!


  1. Hello Tracie!

    I visited your blog through Ashley's blog post and am interested in helping. Is there a way we can contribute without getting a t-shirt? That way all of the money would go toward your expenses. We can't give tons (we too are going through an adoption process), but I would imagine every little bit helps! Here is my email address: lyndsey.simala@comcast.net

  2. Hey Lundsy! I sent you an email!