Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a great day!!!

There is a saying here in "Green Country" (which is brown right now BTW!) that once you have been to Happy Hill you will never be the same. Happy Hill is my church. And especially after today I can honestly say I will never be the same. What an incredible group of giving people! Today I was able to witness a miracle. Like a loaves and fishes miracle. I was able to actually see with my eyes the true spirit of adoption! For this I will forever be grateful to Happy Hill!

We have two days left on our Partnership 190! This too has been amazing to see people I don't even know give into our baby's life. Basically this campaign asks for 190 people to give $100 via paypal or by check to our address (see older post); or you can give $20 and ask 4 friends to give $20 which would total $100. Many of you have churches that would want to give. If 30 churches gave $250 that would total $7500! This money helps us provide food, clothing and a place to live for one month after the baby is born. She had been living in a tent before.

Some amazing people in our community have stepped up to help us with an online auction. It will be held on our hope happens adoption page on Facebook. We have some really great items and still collecting more! Please go and like the page and stay tuned for more info!

We still have some tshirts available. The sizes we have left are listed in the Hope Happens Adoption page under the picture!

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! We are so thankful for God using you to help give this baby a chance of a future!!

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