Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thank You!!

The response to our tshirt fundraiser has been amazing!! Since Wednesday we have raised close to $2000! I am humbled that people that have never even met us have bought tshirts or even just donated money!! I love when God moves on the hearts of His people!! We are still in desperate need of funds by next week to be able to go forward with this match. I am asking you to please share this blog with anyone and everyone you may know! If we can get the word out, I know that God will continue to move! I can promise all of you that if you will help with this inital part, Kelly and I will make sure that this child is loved, protected and cared for her entire life. She will know the love of Jesus from the time she gets into our home and we will pour everything we have into her, just like we have our biological children. I have ordered some more shirts because we sold out of certain sizes and all orders so far will be mailed out on Monday. Thank you again!
God Bless!!

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  1. I saw your story on Jen Farley's facebook. You & your family are in our prayers. I wrote a blog @ twopinktutus. Blogspot dot com to help spread the word & some of my friends have done the same on their blogs. I'm hopign everyone who hears your story can help & continues to pass it along